Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Kama unapenda kusaidia wengine wajue jinsi ya kublogu ili kuhabarisha umma au kuweka video kwenye mtandao Rising voices wanaendelea kutoa kutoa senti zitakazokurahisishia kufundisha wengine.

Unaweza ukapata dola 5000 zitakazokuwezesha kufundisha wengine. Unachotakiwa kufanya ni kutuma maombi kwa jamaa wa raising voices. Mstari mfu ni novemba 30, 2007.

Fanya utume. Bofya hapa kwa maelezo zaidi. Fomu za maombi zipo mwishoni mwishoni mwa ukurasa.

Mtazamo mbadala: Shivji ahoji tuzo ya Mo Ibrahim

Kwenye kurasa za Pambazuka kuna mawazo mbadala ya Profesa Shivji kuhusu tuzo ya utawala bora aliyopewa Chissano. Na kabla ya Shivji kupandisha makala yake, mwanazuoni Horace Campbell alikwishapandisha nyingine siku chache kabla.

pamoja na mengi mengine Shivji anaanza:

"Mo Ibrahim’s prize for a retired African president which was awarded to Joachim Chissano of Mozambique was in my view an insult to the African people." Issa Shivji raises a number of questions around the award such as how and what is "good governance" and why is it only applied to Africa? And most importantly "for which and whose democracy they are getting a prize".

Horace Campbell kaandika kirefu zaidi:

According to the media, "Mo Ibrahim, a Sudanese-born telecommunications entrepreneur, established the prize as a way of encouraging good governance in a continent blighted by corruption and a frequently loose adherence to democratic principles." Not a word is mentioned about the living conditions of the people of the Sudan from where Mr. Ibrahim hails…..

But, isn’t this prize also a sign of the political retrogression in Africa? The idea of a President voluntarily stepping down is now so novel in the face of leaders such as Museveni and Mugabe that Chissano indeed stands out. Compared to Robert Mugabe and Thabo Mbeki, and their megalomanic policies, Chissano does look good.

While announcing Chissano as the winner, Kofi Annan may have gone overboard by saying, "leadership should be the ability to formulate a vision and to convince others of that vision. It should be the skill of giving courage to accept difficult changes to make possible a longer term aspiration for a better and fairer future."